Learn Android Development With You Tube

It’s great that there are so many people out there willing to share their hard earned knowledge about something they love to do.

Many of these people are Android developers in their day jobs, so even though more people learning to program for the Android should work against their market value, they still want to share with you. How great is that?

The New Boston’s Android Tutorials

With over 200 Android videos on their YouTube channel, The New Boston is an excellent source for learning and development ideas. The videos are done by different people, so the visual and sound quality can vary pretty widely. The information is pretty solid though, and reasonably well organized.

The new boston android channel

This channel may be better suited to someone who is a novice developer with a bit of programming experience, instead of someone who has never coded before. If you’ve never coded before, give the Google App Inventor a try. No fancy coding is needed, but you can still put together some pretty impressive apps.

Android Developers

The YouTube home of Google’s own Android Developers is obviously going to be a well-produced and well-stocked channel of videos. They also provide different language versions, such as Japanese and Portuguese, of some videos.

android channel

There are some videos that take a look at Android development from a basic level, however this channel is better used as an adjunct to your learning, whether a newcomer or expert. There are plenty of videos to introduce new features being added to Android that a developer can make use of, plus general Android news.

Android Tutorial for Beginners

This collection of YouTube videos is brought to you by SlideNerd. SlideNerd only takes on teachers with great enthusiasm. That’s what makes these videos so engaging. They are well produced with decent sound and solid information. Even so, it’s definitely the passion for what SlideNerd does makes these videos popular.

android channel

How to Build an Android App

Presented by the folks from xda-developers.com, this series of videos takes you through the entire process of building an Android app in 5 videos. There are an additional 9 videos in the playlist that expound on Android development and introduce concepts such as Android app engineering, stopping people from hacking your app, and using the Google ADK with Arduino development.

android channel

An additional bonus is that the videos are supported by the xda-developers forum community. With over 5 million members, someone has to have the answer you’re looking for. Like SlideNerd, xda-developers also has plenty of tutorials on other types of development, but mostly focused on mobile platforms, like making apps for an iPhone or Windows phone.

Android Online Training

Don’t have a lot of time to sit and watch videos? Android Online Training presents material in videos averaging about 5 minutes in length. With a clear voice and solid explanations, the 198 videos will take you through installing the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that you need to work in, to much more advanced concepts like voice recognition, and putting your new Android app on the market.

android channel

Android Development for Beginners

Yes, Derek Bana’s videos are my personal favourite. With a pleasant voice, well produced videos, and easy to follow lesson plans, Derek presents a complete series that will take you from getting the software needed to having a polished app in your hands.

android channel

The 26 videos in this series have been designed to stay mostly around the 30 minute mark. This is just about as long as the brain can take in really new information without tiring of the subject matter. Also, 30 minutes fits nicely into a lunch hour or mid-evening personal development session.


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