Terms & Conditions

Term of Service :
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You have the right to sign up for a single account only.
  • You will not be using Poweredbyonline CashBack to any illegal activities.
  • You certify that all information used for sign up to our website is correct and accurate.
  • Cash back rebates will take up to 3-4 days to show up on your account, and up to 3 months to be confirmed.
  • Wait to be paid.It is impossible to give an average waiting time, because it depends on different retailers and products.It was important that customers realised that cashback arrangements do not pay out immediately."We're very much dependent on the retailer paying us the advertising commission before we pay it back to the consumer,"
  • You accepting to use Poweredbyonline CashBack service "as it is". - Poweredbyonline CashBack has the right to stop providing the service to any user at any time without prior notice.
  • In case of account termination, your account information will not be deleted, you may not created another account.
  • Any failure to comply with this Program Agreement, any fraud or abuse relating to the accrual or receipt of cash back rewards, or any misrepresentation of any information furnished to Poweredbyonline CashBack or its affiliates by you or anyone acting on your behalf may result in the termination of your membership in the Program and forfeiture your accrued Cash Back rewards.
  • The determination of whether or not a purchase made through an Poweredbyonline CashBack Affiliate Store qualifies for Cash Back is at the sole discretion of Poweredbyonline CashBack. If an Affiliate Store fails to report a transaction to Poweredbyonline CashBack or withholds payment to Poweredbyonline CashBack for any reason, Poweredbyonline CashBack reserves the right to cancel the Cash Back associated with that transaction. If Poweredbyonline CashBack has any reason to suspect fraudulent activity is associated with your account, Poweredbyonline CashBack reserves the right to delay or withhold payment of Cash Back. You give Poweredbyonline CashBack the permission to review your account with Affiliate Stores in cases where Poweredbyonline CashBack suspects fraudulent activity. Poweredbyonline CashBack is not responsible for lost or stolen payments, including gift cards. Poweredbyonline CashBack is not responsible for payments delivered to the wrong address through no fault of Poweredbyonline CashBack .
  • Poweredbyonline CashBack has the right to change term of service at any time without a prioir notice.

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